Coolest Star Wars Birthday Cake

The body of this Star Wars Birthday Cake is a 3 layer 10 inch round cake. The ship’s body is sculpted out of rice crispy treats covered in marshmallow fondant. R2D2’s body is a marshmallow (hidden in the ship) and the top made of fondant.

I made the wings by spreading melted white chocolate on tin foil and trimmed edges with a sharp knife. Engines are two marshmallows joined with a toothpick and wrapped in fondant. I used small clear plastic champagne glasses (party favors) as supports for the wings.

The Death Star is simply a cake baked in a small ovenproof mixing bowl. I cut out a semi-circle to create the divet and frosted the whole thing. I added the ports and details in black fondant. Lettering and stars were cut out of fondant and added last.

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