Coolest Star Wars Death Star Escape Cake

I asked my 5 year what kind of cake he wanted for his Star Wars birthday party. He said “The part where they are stuck in the garbage trying to get out of the Death Star(ep6)” So I gave it a try and this is my Star Wars Death Star Escape Cake.

I took melted chocolate and poured it into a large cake pan lined with wax paper, then let harden overnight. I cut this up to make the sides of the trash compactor. Once hard, I used a knife to score lines to look like the door and wall panels. Using melted white chocolate, tinted grey, I dipped pretzel pieces, gummy worms, and gummy bugs totally coating them to make the various “space junk” that they are wading around in. (These dry overnight also).

Decorating the cake was actually pretty easy. I used light brown icing and iced the entire cake. I then glued my chocolate walls on with icing. I crushed Oreo cookies and sprinkled them on the cake. I then added the action figures (Galactic Heroes seemed to be the right size, and they stand up really well on their own), the space junk, and an un-dipped gummy worm for the worm/monster that is swimming with them.

I added some gross looking blobs of green icing around the garbage and figures. I then placed the candle on the front area of the cake and wrote Happy Birthday, then added a decorative border. I was so excited that all the kids at the party actually knew what it was supposed to be!

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  1. Your cake looks amazing, and very doable for a novice. I’m considering replicating it for my son’s birthday. Thanks for the picture!


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