I was asked to make this cake for my nephew’s son who was 3 years old. I started by making the topper a super Mario in his car. I also made some gold coins and the mushrooms and some of the grass and also made a few bananas. I then mad a few stars and attached a number 3 to one of them.

I now baked two 5″ vanilla sponge cakes and two 9″ vanilla sponge cakes. When these were cold I filled with jam and butter cream and then covered. I butter cream and chilled in the freezer. I then covered the biggest cake in white fondant and attached a circle of grey fondant to the top to represent the road. I covered the top tier in blue fondant and attached this on top of the bottom tier using dowels to support the top cake. This was left over night to harden. I attached the super Mario figure and a banana to the top of the cake using some royal icing to attach.

I attached some white clouds to the top cake and made some flowers in red and attached small white dots of fondant to them. I attached some green fields and attached some gold coins through the clouds. I attached the mushrooms, grass, a few stars and bananas randomly around the base of the two cakes and at the front base of the finished cake. I then attached the lines on the road and attached the name LUKE.

I cut out some squares in black and white and made a checker board effect around the base of the bottom tier but I left it black at the front of the cake so I could  attach a plaque reading happy birthday. All I needed to do now was attach the wired stars to the top of the cake and the cake is finished, they loved it and so did I.