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Cool Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake Design

I began this Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake Design by finding an image of Mario that was clear and easy to trace. I printed it IN MIRROR IMAGE on my computer and taped it to my kitchen counter. I placed a sheet of wax paper on top and taped it to the counter too (between this step and the next I baked my cakes, stacked them, and frosted them smooth.) I fitted a piping bag with a #2 round tip and filled it with 1/2 cup of clear piping gel. Then I carefully traced over the outline of Mario with the piping gel.

By now your frosted cakes have “crusted over” and dried a little bit. DO NOT attempt the next step unless your cakes are crusted over! Carefully remove the tape from the wax paper and gently flip the image over and onto the top of your cake. VERY GENTLY smooth over the wax paper with your hand or an offset spatula. Gently remove the wax paper. You will be able to see the outline of the image.

Using the printed image as your guide, trace directly over the clear piping gel lines with black or dark brown buttercream. Fill in with stars, using a #16 or #18 tip.

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