My little guy wanted a Superhero party and since I’m not up on all those other superheroes I made him the superhero. After searching high & low on this site & others (like the Wilton’s key to the city cake and YouTube videos on how to make a rainbow cake), I decided on this Homemade Superhero Rainbow Layer Cake design.

The cake is six (9″) layers tall. Each layer is a different color of the rainbow. I made it with two boxes of white cake mix and divided the batter into bowls and dyed them with “icing color”. I could only fit two cake pans in the oven at once so the actual baking time took 3 times as long. I used white icing from a can between each layer and on top. The outside is chocolate icing from a can. That was so the outside looked like a night time skyline. Then I made sugar cookies to look like buildings. On the top I drew him as SuperCy (using part of a second can of white icing dyed red, yellow & peach and the remaining chocolate icing dyed black) and used M&M’s as a border.

The best part was no one knew about the rainbow layers until the cake was cut (not even the birthday dad!). Lots of oooh’s & aah’s.