Coolest Superheros Birthday Cake

For my son’s fourth birthday he wanted a superhero party… not Batman or Spiderman, but ‘all three’ as he put it. He wanted Batman, Superman, and Spiderman! So I decided the easiest way for me would to do a Homemade Superheros Birthday Cake.

I used box cake mix, which actually everyone really liked. I used the Betty Crocker Devil’s Food, and French Vanilla. I used Wilton Decorator frosting and Wilton food coloring (I have the basic set).

For the Superman cake I used a square cake pan and just cut off the corners to make the right shape symbol. I frosted the sizes in blue with a knife, then just used a #3 Wilton tip to outline the ‘s’ and I used a #16 star tip to fill in the yellow and red.

For the Batman and Spiderman cakes I did round pans, and frosted the entire cakes in yellow first with a knife. For Batman’s I outlined the bat in the blue with the #3 first, then just filled in with stars. For Spiderman, I did the oval for the face in black, and made the inner circles and 8 lines going out from the center all with the black (#3 tip). Then I outlined the eyes. I used the stars to fill in the red between the lines, and then I used the star to outline the eyes again in black, and fill the stars in white inside the eyes.

The cakes were a big hit, and my son loved them! But it was a lot of work (3 hours to frost!

Homemade Superheros Birthday Cake

Homemade Superheros Birthday Cake

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