Coolest Superman Cake

I made this Superman Cake for my son’s 4th birthday party, which was a super hero theme. I used two cake mixes, one vanilla and one chocolate. For the head, I used one round cake pan. The torso was a loaf pan, the arms and legs were mini loaf pans, and the hands and feet were cupcakes.

After assembling the cake on a base of cardboard covered in foil, I mixed up the frosting. I just used store bought white frosting and Wilton food coloring. The food coloring was actually a superman kit, so the blue and red came out looking like real Superman colors. It also included how to make flesh color for the face and hands.

The mouth is licorice, the whites of the eyes are cut from Oreo middles, the blue of the eyes is frosting, and the hair is crushed chocolate teddy grahams.

I spread a thin layer of red frosting on the base to make the cape. The “S” on his chest is actually a tag from a shirt that my husband bought for the party. It just happened to be the perfect size.

This was a really fun cake to make and my son and his friends loved it!