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Coolest Swimming Minions Birthday Cake

This year my grandson wanted to have a swimming pool party. So my daughter booked a room at Stoney Creak Inn, and I started looking for ideas. Caleb loved looking at all the cakes on line, we looked at everything! He knew I would make a pool cake, then he spotted a minion cake and at 5 everything is subject to change.

So I came up with these little guys, made from marshmallow fondant that I made from a site I found. The day before the party I baked the cakes, made the minions, and made the chocolate ganache filling ( found out the colder the bowl the fluffier the chocolate!), cooled the cakes. Got everything put together and it started to fall apart, the top layer cracked and half of it wanted to slide off…think..think..think.? ah-ha rice crispy treats! Ran to GFS, bought this slab of crispy treats, cut them to the height of the cake and it worked yeah!!!

Party day everyone loved the cake, and I was asked a lot if I made the minions. I had a happy birthday boy! He loved it!

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