Coolest Tank Cake

After looking at some of the tank cakes on this site I thought I’d give it a try. Basic 9 x 13 bottom and a bread pan for the top. Used half the cake from the bread pan.

Adding a touch of cocoa to green food coloring can give you the olive green army color. Another neat trick I thought was cool was to get Hershey bars and break them so three sections, stay together that way you can bridge the gap from the top of one Oreo to another without it dropping. I used single pieces to go around the ends of the Oreo and held them on with icing. I left the top side of the bars up to give it a more treadlike feel.

The barrel is a dowel rod with a candle in one end. The camouflage was just melted chocolate chips dribbled on. I did set the cake on a 1 inch wooden base wrapped in tin foil and cut the wood smaller than the cake to give it the appearance of being off the ground. The dirt/sand is a thin layer of icing with crushed graham crackers sprinkled on top.

I actually had to make two of these because we had two parties. So the second one was a snap since I knew what i was doing.

Next cake I am going to attempt a big yellow back-hoe!

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