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Coolest Teapot Birthday Cake

One of my friends asked me to make a “tea party themed” cake for his daughter’s 7th birthday. He also asked if I could make it with fondant. I had never made a fondant cake before, but gave it my best.

I made each tier on this Teapot Birthday Cake a different flavor. For the base, I used white cake mix. For the middle, I used chocolate cake mix. For the tea pot, I made chocolate marble with a little of the leftover batters from the other layers.

I used 2, 2’X12” pans for the base; 2, 3” X 8” pans for the middle tier: and two identically sized, small mixing bowls (4” or so in diameter) for the tea pot.

Each tier of cake was made of 2 layers with vanilla butter cream between the layers. I covered each tier in butter cream and let it chill in the refrigerator. Then, I covered each tier with Wilton fondant that I worked violet, gel food coloring into.

I then stacked the cakes. I used a cake separator and dowels to separate the base from the middle tier. I just placed a little butter cream on top of the middle of the 2nd tier and placed the tea pot on top. It was so light; I wasn’t worried about it hurting the other tier.

I sculpted the tea pot lid, handle, and spout out of fondant. I adhered the lid and spout with butter cream. For the handle, I poked small holes in the cake and stuck the handle in those holes.

I used rose colored, gel food coloring to color the butter cream pink and liquid yellow food coloring to tint the butter cream yellow. I used a #8 round tip to pipe the border and #7 and a drop flowers tip to pipe the flowers.

I think the cake turned out great. I had one very happy little girl.

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