Coolest Tennessee Farm Cake

This Tennessee Farm Cake was made for my sweet grandson’s 3rd birthday. I got ideas from several submissions on this site. The cake itself is an 18×26′ sheet cake(1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white cake). I iced the entire cake in white buttercream.

The barn was made of cardboard, iced with royal icing and allowed to dry a couple of days in advance. I cut out inserts at the front door and window by painting the inside of small boxes black then positioning them in the openings and taping in place. Details to the barn were added with buttercream and doors were graham crackers.

The silo was a “Crystal Light” plastic container with royal icing, the top of the silo was black tinted fondant. I made lines in the silo and barn by just dragging a ruler vertically and didn’t try to make the icing too smooth, as barns are made from rough lumber. On the barn roof, I dragged a “clean” hair pick to get the tin roof effect. The pathway from the barn was ground up chocolate teddy graham cookies, just sprinkled on. It really tasted good, but made writing on this surface very difficult. The grass was made using a grass cake decorating tip and flowers using a small drop flower tip.

All of the animals, fence, windmill, and trough were purchased, except the chickens and ducks, which I made with fondant. Used tinted coconut for straw in various places.

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