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Coolest Terrier Dog Cake

Cake: basic butter cake.

Icing: Buttercream frosting, piped with ridged tip.

Decorations: licorice (2 types), sour strap.

This Terrier Dog Cake was baked in a roasting pan (cooked the day before and frozen). I found a picture of a Scottish Highland terrier (front on view) which I enlarged to the height of the pan then traced onto baking paper. I turned the ears down to prevent getting confused with a cat.

There was enough width spare that when I cut out the body I could use the offcut to one side of the abdomen for the nose piece; I just cut a semi-oblong and then sliced it to half the depth. I attached this with icing.

I chose to put a little cocoa in the icing, although my picture was white; I didn’t think butter-colour would work. I piped the icing in strokes with a ridged tip- tried to follow the direction of hair growth in my picture.

The eyes are just a slice of ‘natural licorice’, the nose is the same with a thin strap coiled around it. The ears, neck use a thin strap, and the tongue cut from a red sour strap.

It took about an hour and a half to decorate it- well worth it when my one-year-old saw it and exclaimed “dog”!

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