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Cool Homemade Tinkerbell Princess Castle Cake

Everything on the Tinkerbell Princess Castle Cake is edible except the flying Tinkerbells and the face of Tinkerbell. They are foamies.

This cake consisted of 2 12′ square pans (stacked), 2 8′ rounds (stacked) and 2 6′ rounds (stacked) chocolate fudge cakes filled with strawberry filling. Frosted in butter cream frosting and decorated with fondant accents. I used homemade MMF for the flags, windows, flowers, door and rock walkway and the trimming around the castle.

I used a total of 9 cake cones, dipped them in poured fondant colored in yellow (this method is way easier to ice them) and I used 5 sugar cones dipped in white chocolate and added the colored sugar crystals before the chocolate dried. I used the melted white chocolate to “glue” everything together with some buttercream icing.

The cake was such a hit. It was time consuming but fun to make.

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