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Cool Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake

This party was a fairy themed party for my 8 year old daughter. I was inspired by cakes I found online. I had never worked with fondant before, but in enlisted the help of my 13 year old daughter, and we had so much fun together creating this Toadstool Birthday Cake, much like playing with playdoh.

Bought fondant at local craft store, Micheal’s crafts. We didn’t buy green, so my daughter just kneaded gel food coloring into the white fondant to make it.

I baked 2 cakes in a metal bowl plus, an additional round cake the same dimension of the top of the bowl. I used one bowl cake for mushroom cap. For mushroom stem we put the round cake on bottom, and 2nd bowl on top with frosting in between the layers. Then we shaped the stem by cutting the sides down with a knife.

Then we frosted the whole thing with cream cheese frosting and let it set in the fridge before decorating. We actually decorated the top and stem separate and then put them together right before the party because of the weight, just used more frosting on top of the stem to “glue” the two pieces together.

Green tinted sugar was used as grass. And we made the ladybugs out of left over fondant, tinted red.

Cool Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Toadstool Birthday Cake”

  1. Can you please let me know what size the bowl was? I need to also make one of these as a cake topper and have no Idea where to start. And what size cake pans did you use?

    Thank you in advance

  2. came across this image as I was looking for a ‘new home’ cake so intend to make it and add a couple of gnomes! I have used coconut coloured green for grass, the sugar looks nice too.


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