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Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Cake

I made this  Toronto Maple Leafs fan cake for my twin brother’s birthday!  He is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan!

His favorite is carrot cake so that is what I made. I whipped up some cream cheese flavored frosting for the crumb coat and filled between cake layers. Then made cream cheese fondant following a marshmallow fondant recipe I found online.  Sounds a bit off but it was delicious!

His name is Josh, so his cake said Toronto Maple Josh. Wasn’t too sure about that added touch but he loved it. The cake was super moist and the fondant helped keep the moisture in for sure as I made it a couple of days ahead!

I made the cake round to symbolize a “puck”, probably would have been cool to have black fondant around the sides but this was my first fondant attempt and I think it went fairly well.

The cake was a huge hit!

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Cake

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