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Coolest Twilight Saga Birthday Cake

I made this for my boyfriend’s niece Jaylynn, for her 11th birthday. She is a super Edward Cullen fan and we wanted to surprise her.

She had a big party at the fire hall with lots of her friends and she never had a clue what the cake looked like until everyone started to sing happy birthday. I was so happy to be part of the wonderful surprise.

Her mom had told me that she loved chocolate fudge cake, so that is what I made. A two layer cake at the bottom and another two layers on the top, with fudge icing in between. I crumb coated the cakes with buttercream then covered in fondant.

It was cool to add the Edward Cullen to the top, my boyfriend helped me with this, adding dowels to the feet which I put through the center of the cake. I cut flowers and letters from fondant and used a red ribbon for the top layer. I was so lucky to find 11 checker board candles to match the homemade Twilight Saga birthday cake.

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  1. i adored ??ur cake. i have been looking for a twilight saga cake for a long time now and to be honest the rest of the ones i saw were pretty lousy. But ?ours is amazing and if it was a Jacob cake i would be like your biggest fan


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