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Coolest Under the Sea Whale Cake

I made this Under the Sea Whale Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She wanted an Orca under the sea theme. I wanted to make the Orca the focal point of the cake being her favorite animal.

The ocean is made from 4 13×9 sheet confetti party sprinkle cakes, two side by side then a second layer on top. Iced in butter cream frosting that I used royal blue gel food coloring lightly stirred to make the swirl color.

The orca is made of rice crispy treat (recipe taken from the box) formed on a dowel then covered in fondant that I dyed with black gel food coloring. I also put a dowel straight into the cake so the orca could rest on it as to not sink into the cake and then used decorative tips to not only make wave effects but cover the dowel i had used to level the weight (the orca was 10 inches long and 5 inches at its widest point, the cake was 26×18).

The tail was all fondant sculpted onto a dowel and stuck into the cake and decorated with the tips as well. but when fondant gets warm it tends to droop so i would have extra toothpicks handy for extra enforcement just in case.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Under the Sea Whale Cake”

  1. This is the coolest cake ever. Great job, my little girl would have loved to have this as there birthday cake. She is into the ocean and loves sea lions and whales. I look forward to seeing future cakes by you, keep it up.

  2. This is so well done and creative. My question though is, since I’ve never worked with fondant before, when do you add the color to it? After you mix the ingredients- before you knead it, or while you are kneading it do you add some color paste?
    Thank you.
    Again, great job!!


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