Coolest Orca Killer Whale Cake

This Orca Killer Whale Cake is an easy cake with an unusual animal. I baked a slab of chocolate cake, maybe 9X13 Pyrex, and inverted it onto a blue tray. I put a couple layers of turquoise-tinted butter frosting on it (crumb coat, then a thick, rough layer to look like ocean waves. I made a couple of orca templates (for the black fondant), then cut pieces of white fondant and laid them on top to approximate markings, seems they all have pretty similar patterns (white around the eye area and some under the belly and by the tail.

I let the fondant whales dry partially before placing them on the cake, but wouldn’t do that next time as you can see they wrinkled a bit. As a final touch, I painted a bit of silvery cake paint on the waves and on the backs of the orcas. A real artist could take this idea and make a much better cake, but this served it’s purpose!

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