Coolest Orca Cake

This Orca Cake is the cake I prepared for my grandson’s 8th Birthday party over this past weekend.

I always ask the question, what sort of cake do you want this year… when he responded with “Grammie, did you ever see the movie Free Willie? I want an Orca Cake” I will not lie, scared the beejeepers out of me and instantly thought, how am I going to pull off this one. Well, here it is.

With a little determination, hard work, fondant and a creative mind I came up with this Orca cake. I started with a 1/2 sheet, covered it with blue fondant and did a little air brushing for an ocean effect. I made fondant impressions of shells, coral and trim.

For the Orca (he was the real tricky part), I cut out the black portion from fondant that I had rolled and a couple of flippers. I let that dry overnight and then placed it on top of rolled white fondant. Then I began to trace out the white portion of the Orca. I let that dry overnight. For the waves I used blue fondant and added a little green coloring and kneaded it for a little bit to get a marble effect. I rolled it out and cut out moon shape pieces.

After all pieces were ready to be assembled, I took my time and laid everything out. When I knew that is where and how I wanted the pieces to stay, I brushed some flavoring on the back of the pieces and it acted as a glue.

Thank you and enjoy!

Homemade Orca Cake

Homemade Orca Cake

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