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Coolest Untidy Bedroom 21st Birthday Cake

The bed, bedside cabinets and chest of drawers are all chocolate cake sandwiched together and lightly coated with chocolate butter cream. The bed is an 11″ by 7″ oblong cake and the cabinets and drawers were cut into shape from another oblong shaped cake.

The board has been covered with white icing and the ‘floorboards’ marked in with a wheel tool. The icing was then brushed with colour using a little vodka and ivory gel colour which had been mixed well and brushed on with a pastry brush.

The bed headboard and footboard were cut from gum-paste a couple of days in advance of putting the cake together in order that they could harden a little. The bed was covered with white fondant and the pillow was shaped with a ‘dent’ for the head. The figure was made from coloured gum paste and the duvet from blue fondant icing which was marked with a wheel tool before placing over the figure.

The TV, lamps, clothes, pizza, book, newspaper and shoes were all made a few days in advance from coloured gum paste and left to harden. They were attached to the cake with a little royal icing once the ‘furniture’ was put into place.

Quite a lot of work went into this homemade ‘untidy bedroom’ 21st birthday cake but it was very much appreciated by the recipient.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Untidy Bedroom 21st Birthday Cake”

  1. I absolutely love this cake well done!! its hilarious.

    I was thinking of what to do for my sons 21st that would suit him and when me and my husband saw your cake we just laughed our heads off!

    With the exception of a guitar it suits my sons perfectly so am gonna try my best with your idea.

    thanks x

  2. What a great cake, im gonna give this a try,love it, love it, im gonna add a lap top and MacDonalds bag and wrapper ill post a picture after Oct thanks for the idea.


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