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Cool Homemade Valentine Cake

Here’s an easy Valentine cake made with the techniques I learned in my first cake decorating course.

I used the middle-sized pan from a set of three heart-shaped cake pans to make a white cake with raspberry filling (be sure it is seedless). If you’re making cake from a mix, use only the egg whites for a cake that is truly white in colour. All the frosting on this cake is buttercream. I used red for the bottom shell border and lettering.

A couple of things I learned: (1) leaf tip 66 was used here, but I’ve abandoned it in favour of tip 352 because the tips of the leaves don’t break the way they do with the lower numbers; and (2) when working with red, tint a small amount of icing – only what you think you’ll need – at a time or you will spend the whole jar of colour on a few decorations.

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  1. i love your cake! I am 12 years old turning 13 on valentines day!I was searching for a cake and #17 caught my eye. I just absolutely LOVE your cakes!


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