Coolest Walking Dead Cake

A friend of mine is a huge “Walking Dead” fan and asked me to do a cake to feed the entire office. I’ve never done a cake this large before and had no clue how it would turn out but figured I’d give it a shot.

I started off with a 12×18 sheet cake in Strawberry, baking it for about an hour or so. I then used buttercream to crumb coat it and frosted the sides. I was not too worried about frosting the top too much since the top would have fondant. After using the Viva paper towel smoothing method on the sides, I rolled out a fondant/gum paste mixture for the top doors and “opening”.

Using gum paste and colors, I made the door handles, wooden board, and the rest of the accents and added them after it hardened using Tylose.

I sprayed some brown around the top to give it a dirty look and made some zombie hands using gum paste and a Popsicle stick for the details, covered in red gel coloring and then painted on the words with black gel coloring.

Overall it took about 3 hours not including bake time to finish this. Honestly, the longest part was waiting for the sugar paste accents to dry enough for me to place them. The silver spray paint was making things a little difficult since it made the gum paste a little sticky.

I was pretty impressed with how it turned out. I won’t know until later when I deliver it what her reaction will be, but I hope I did the TV show, and her some justice.

Looking back, I wish I would have just covered the whole thing in fondant but my skills with fondant are lacking. Plus the weather here in South Texas is not very good for working with fondant or buttercream, really!

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