Coolest Yoshi Birthday Cake

I wanted to make something really special for my best friend’s birthday and she’s really into super Mario and I’d searched all over the internet for ideas but everything seemed so complicated (I’m only 12). So I sketched loads of ideas of the characters and imagined them into cakes. I spent about a month planning it and even got books out of the school library! Then one day I just thought ‘yes’ a Yoshi Birthday Cake – it’s perfect.

So I bought all of the ingredients e.g flour, butter, sugar ,colourings and icing etc etc.

First of all I made 2 simple vanilla sponges (round cake tin) and let them cool for about 1 hour. I then peeled the outer crust and brushed the crumbs of.

I put some Betty Crocker vanilla icing in a bowl and added some green food colouring and mixed together then I spread over one cake. Then I cut out eyes and a mouth shape out of sponge number two and covered in the green icing and cooled in fridge for 30 mins.

I Then coated in another layer of green icing.

Then I decorated it with coloured roll out icing, choco beans, writing icing and placed it on a cake board. I then wrapped it up in cellophane and presented it to my friend Kirsty. She was delighted and so was I.

I really enjoyed making the cake. I want to try and sculpt more character cakes soon. My mum and dad are really proud.

Thanks for reading – hope it was helpful.

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