Cool Homemade Yoshi Birthday Cake

I made this Yoshi Birthday Cake for my son’s 11th birthday. I had my son pick a picture of Yoshi from the internet that he likes and then I enlarged it and traced it on parchment paper. I baked and frosted the cake a day before I decorated it, so that the icing on the cake gets stiff.

On the following day I placed the parchment paper with the picture on top of the cake and made holes with a needle following the outline of the picture. Then carefully I removed the paper from the cake and retraced the outline again with a toothpick to make it more visible.

To decorate the cake I used Wilton Decorator’s Icing and food colorings. I outlined the body parts with black icing using a #3 tip and then filled the different body parts using tip #16. I added some green edible glitter to make it more colorful.

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  1. My daughter loves Yoshi and wants a cake like the one you made. Where did your son get the image? Do you happen to have it still? I was looking on the internet and can’t seem to find something like it.

    Thanks! Kathy


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