I got to make this impromptu cow cake after looking at some of the other submissions. My 2 year old loves cows and says “moo” all the time.

I didn’t have any special pans or anything, so I just poured the batter in two 9 inch cake pans. Used one whole cake for the face, then cut out three circles from the other one. A larger circle for the nose, and two smaller circles for the ears. I cut a portion of the smaller circles off so that it rested nicely on the head. This was SO easy, I bet if I felt like being more creative I could have made legs and horns but I just threw this together.

I got lazy on the decorating, and used a tip 21 instead of 16 to cover the body. It would have looked much nicer if I would have made more uniform stars.

Overall, I think it turned out alright, very easy! Thanks to everyone else who posted pictures so I had an “outline” to go by!!