I made this dolphin cake for my 8 year old daughter as she loves dolphins. This cake was probably the easiest out of all my other cake attempts. I started off by looking for a picture of a dolphin and surprisingly I found a small sticker which really captured my eyes as the images I found on the internet wasn’t really the cake material. My daughter got her present from her aunt early as she wasn’t going to be in town and this sticker was part of a big role of stickers and that felt like I was meant to do this cake.

I have attached series of photos to show my steps. So basically I got the tiny sticker and took a photo with my iPhone zooming in. Emailed it to myself and opened it using Paint application and made a bigger image and then cut half and placed it in word doc and printed 2 halves and then cut around the picture.

I baked 2 square cakes and cut the patterns out first. I couldn’t fit the tail and the mouth bit so I had to cut them separately but had more than enough cake to do that. Once I cut the cakes out, I put them together using some butter cream icing. I didn’t use the fondant icing as we at home hate that type of icing, it’s just not palatable. I used the simple butter cream. I made one batch at the beginning to use it as glue to stick my 4 piece jigsaw and then crumb coated it and left in the fridge for few hours. Once it was all hardened it was easier to put the colors on. So I thought..but, ran in to my worst nightmare.

I always have trouble getting the colors I want for my icing. I was prepared so I had this thing whitening and I used that to get my blue. When I started off putting my stars it was OK but within no time the icing started melting away and I realized it so tried my best to do it quickly. Unfortunately, it got to the point where it turned out to be just milky liquid. You will see in my photos below how my star doesn’t really look like star but a different pattern almost like fish scales I thought!

Anyway I placed everything in the fridge and a few hours later started the cream/plain icing, it happened again. You will see this in my picture where I just had to slab it on rather than use the nozzle as I was running out of time. I managed to get some time to put the cake in the fridge thankfully otherwise I can’t imagine how it would have turned up as it was leaking. I am thinking the root cause is the type of butter that I used rather than the whitening. The butter I used is really tasty and every time I made cup-cakes for the girls previously they loved it but I never do any decoration, it’s a straight spread so didn’t realize the trouble I can get in to.

I guess the best part of all was, I got the color to be exactly how I wanted it as it’s my daughter’s favorite blue and my daughter LOVED it! She said it’s the best cake out of all the previous cakes. Everyone else loved it. My sister asked me ‘where did you buy the cake?’ and I felt like I achieved my goal!