My son LOVES to read (Yay!), so for his 9th birthday we decided to make him a bookworm cake.  I started by simply making a 9X13” sheet cake.  Once it cooled completely I leveled the top and sides and spread a buttercream crumb coating over the entire cake.  I then used a homemade marshmallow fondant for the book cover (which tasted MUCH better than bought fondant and was not that difficult to make!).

I took a large portion, kneaded in red food coloring (the book cover color of my son’s choice), cut it to size (I added about 1 1/2 inches to each side of the cake, so the final dimensions were approximately 12″ x 15″), and put it on the top and down one long side to look like the book cover and side.  I took a smaller portion, added blue coloring, rolled it out and cut out thin strips with a pizza cutter for the stripes on the front cover and sides of the book.

The worm was also made by using green food coloring and shaping fondant.  The head, tail, hat, and eyes were also made of fondant and placed on the cover.  For his mouth I just took a knife and made a curved indention.  My son’s favorite type of book to read are mysteries so I customized the title of the book for him so that the title was “Mystery of the Wrapped Box” using butter cream frosting.  I added a “wrapped box” on the bottom using cut-out fondant pieces (I used the large ends of my frosting tips to cut out the circles) and different colored strips and twisted them to look like the curled ribbon on top of the present.

I used his age as the Volume number on the side and his date of birth as the publishing date (and he was the author, of course!).  To make the ridges for the “pages”, I simply left the 3 sides butter cream, let it dry, and took a sharp edge to make it look like the pages of a book.