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Cutest Baby Bum Cake Ever!

This Baby Bum cake was the first baby shower cake my mom and I made. We used a pillow cake pan and put one on top the other to make it a 3D shape. We covered the cake in frosting so the fondant would stay. We made marshmallow fondant as a result of not being able to find the right color of store bought fondant and the fact that it doesn’t dry out as quick as store and tastes better!

So we rolled out this fondant to cover the pillow and tucked it under best we could. We used a  quilting tool to get the lines in the pillow and that quilted look. For the baby bum, we shaped homemade rice krispy treats to the butt shape and covered it with frosting, then fondant. The feet and legs were the same, rice krispy treat. All the body consists of are the butt legs and feet also, because the blanky covers the rest. The toes are just rolled tiny balls of fondant and the blanky fondant as well. To make the butt really look like a diaper, we added ruffles on the sides.

It was a huge hit and some people didn’t even know it was a cake!

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