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Coolest Last Minute Dora Birthday Cake | Hobby Baker Becomes “Go-To Mum” for Birthday Cakes

I had a friend come to me and ask if I could do her daughter’s Dora birthday cake. The cake shop she had gone to told her the day before the party they could not fill her order. This came about as she had seen a cake that I made my son and was sure I’d be able to pull it off, so away I went in designing and baking this Dora birthday cake. It was a challenge at such short notice and knowing this young girl had rather an obsession with Dora so it would have to be spot on or she would be the first to point it out.

So all this work was done in one night ready for the party the next morning. This is the finished result.

Making this Dora Birthday Cake

I made the Dora birthday cake by baking a large rectangle choc cake. Then, I shaped it to the picture we had chosen. Crumb coated the cake with a vanilla icing and then covering it with pink fondant. I colored a few balls of fondant in the colors needed, rolling them nice and thin. Then I cut the shapes needed, almost like a stencil, and stuck them to the pink fondant and using a little food coloring painted on to enhance the features.

The young girl and her mum loved the cake. So did all the guests. As a result of making this Dora birthday cake I now am the “go to mum” for all the birthday cakes in town and have even had a few wedding cake orders.

I don’t charge people over the top prices as I love making these cakes. And then seeing the looks on the peoples faces when they see the finished cake. Most of the time it’s a big smile. It’s an even bigger thank-you, especially from the children I make them for.

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