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200+ Homemade Dora the Explorer Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Dora the Explorer cake ideas shared with us by bakers from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

Latest Dora the Explorer Cake Ideas

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Cool Dora Scene Cake

Coolest Dora Scene Cake for a 3-Year Old Girl

I had never made a scene cake before and the idea was intriguing. After looking at many photos of scene cakes, I decided that I wanted Dora to have an adventure. I baked 2 sheet cakes and 2 very small round cakes (all chocolate). As luck would have it, the larger of the two rounds rose up out of the pan and burst in the middle, which ended up being the perfect look for a volcano (I had initially wanted a mountain).

Two days before, using gum paste (with Wilton Gum Tex) I made 2 sizes of flowers, leaves, butterflies, a bear, rocks, stars and a duck. I inserted toothpicks into the base of the stars because gum paste dries very hard and cannot be modified. Read more about this Dora cake…

Last Minute Dora Cake

Last Minute Dora Birthday Cake

I had a friend come to me and ask if I could do her daughter’s birthday cake after the cake shop she had gone to told her the day before the party they could not fill her order.  Read more about this last-minute Dora birthday cake…