50+ Coolest DIY Dora Birthday Cakes

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Dora Birthday Cake by Elizabeth C., Fort Hood, TX

Coolest Dora Birthday Cakes

This cake was made for my neighbor’s daughter’s birthday. His only request was that she wanted Dora and Boots and that they had to be going on an adventure so I went to my local toy store (Wal-Mart etc) and looked at the Dora toys that they had that could be suitable for Dora birthday cakes.

I decided on this set. The cake is just a plain chocolate cake, the frosting is a simple butter cream that is colored (I used pure green, bright yellow and just plain blue). I started with the outline of the river and I then proceeded to do the beach (I used just a plain star tip). I then made the tree (an ice cream sugar cone with green icing on it). I made the “forest “. The flowers that cover the forest ground are flower sprinkles. I then proceeded to fill in the river by placing the blue icing and then spreading it out evenly. I then placed another layer and this time made it waveier and then added a bit of plain white icing and mixed it in to give it the color of water. I then sprinkled clear sprinkles all over to give a “daytime shine” to it.

I then placed on the Dora figurines onto the cake. As long as you have your icing mixed and portion before hand after the cake has fully cooled down it does not take long to decorate. I loved this idea of Dora birthday cakes because it was very simple but sweet at the same time plus the cake toppers double as a birthday gift (which my neighbor’s daughter just loved)!

Dora Birthday Cake by Elizabeth L., Tempe, AZ

Dora Birthday Cake Photo

I just finished taking Course I and II of the Wilton Cake Decorating class. With my new found skills I wanted to make a special cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. But first I wanted to make a “practice” cake, which meant that I would have two Dora birthday cakes. I didn’t want to use the Wilton pan and only use the star tip so I decided to do something different. Since my daughter loves Dora we had several figures to choose from to use as cake toppers.

This is a basic 9×13 sheet cake iced with colors that match the Dora characters. I used the Dora figure and bridge that came with a Play Dough set. I used a Pineapple Upside Down cake with lightly flavored icing (1/8 tsp.of Pina Colada). The cake was light, moist and really flavorful (follow package directions). However I think the cake would have had enough “tropical” flavors without the Pina Colada flavoring. Nevertheless it was a big hit at pre-school and the adults enjoyed it too.

Dora Birthday Cake by Florencia M., Brooklyn, NY

Dora Birthday Cake Photo

I made this cake for my friend’s daughter who loves “Dora”. I used an 8 x 8 inch pan for the top and bottom of cake. The house I cut into triangles and faced them together, put it on top, iced it and added some M&M’s.

The grass is coconut with green food coloring. The windows and door are wafer cookies and I piped them with frosting, also the window frames. I added some fake little flowers.

To add the finishing touch I got a Dora toy and put her in the middle of her home. This was my first try at Dora birthday cakes and my friend was excited with the cake and said her daughter loved it.

Dora Birthday Cake by Julie F., Smithfield, UT

Dora Birthday Cake Photo

This is a 9×13 cake. I found a picture of Dora & Boots and one of Uniqua on the internet under Dora birthday cakes and blew them up. I put them together and cut the shape out of the cake. The cake was frozen to do this.

I divided the white icing out so I could color it. I used orange for Dora’s face and yellow for her shirt, pink for Uniqua, blue and pink for Boots. I also used a little blue for the backpack strap on Dora. Chocolate sprinkles were used for Dora’s hair. Black gel was used for eyes and outline. Pink gel was used on Uniqua to outline and on boots for inside of ears and nostrils. Pink gel was used for Dora’s mouth also. Blue gel was used on Boots to outline and on the backpack strap. Yellow sugar was used for Dora’s shirt. Pink sugar for Uniqua’s spots and blue sugar for Boots head.

Dora Birthday Cake by Laurie L., St. Louis, MO

Dora Birthday Cake Photo

This cake was made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. The bridge connecting the two layered cakes is made from painted popsicle sticks and yarn that were hot glued together. The Dora birthday cakes sit on a cake board covered with poster board colored and painted to depict crocodile lake. A Dora “On the Go” set was used on top. Everyone loved it!