Easy Fathers Day Cake Ideas

I searched the Web for ideas for an easy fathers day cake. I finally came up with this one. This is a 10×13 chocolate cake with buttercream crumb coat and fondant top coat. The entire shirt was made of fondant. I trimmed it with a shell border just because I like my cakes to look like cakes.

You can leave the shell border off if you want. I arranged this cake with a tissue paper cover and tied it up with ribbon and presented it as a fathers day cake for father’s day.

More Easy Father’s Day Cake Ideas

Fathers Day by Terry D., Owensboro, KY

Fathers Day Cake Photo

This was a father’s day cake I did for my friend. I used the gel transfer method and I printed off a copy of his three kids on my computer. Then I laminated them and stuck them on the cake!

Fathers Day by Allison L., APO, AE

Fathers Day Cake Photo

I got this Fathers day cake idea out of a Family Fun magazine, but I changed it a bit so that the tie was a piece of marzipan I rolled out and cut after pressing stripes of fruit roll-up onto it. It is flexible enough to have a bit of wave in the tie rather than the flat frosting one that was suggested in the recipe.

It’s just a rectangle cake frosted in any color. The color is a piece of paper and the tie, like I said, is marzipan and fruit-roll-up. I didn’t have a shirt box, but putting the cake into one would have completed the presentation.

Fathers Day by Miriam R., Paterson, NJ

Fathers Day Cake Photo

For Father’s Day, the whole family went on vacation to a lake very far away from our town. I decided to gather all my tools and bake a father’s day cake. I realized that I’d forgotten the nylon paper that goes around the father’s day cake as well as the gum paste boards that go around it to mimic the gift box.

I went to the closest mall around and could not find a cake decoration store. I decided to use a regular gift box, which I cut, in 4 sections and wrapped with saran paper, glued them to the cake with heavy butter cream icing. I could not find nylon paper and had no other choice but to use clear plastic that I cut/arranged around the father’s day cake.

Everyone loved the father’s day cake!