Coolest Pizza Cake

My 4 year old wanted a chef birthday party to make pizzas. So she asked me to make her a cake that looked like a pizza. I looked online for some homemade pizza cake ideas and there were a ton of great ideas – so using the advise of others, this is what I did!

Using a 9″ round cake pan, I baked a regular store bought yellow cake. I used store bought frosting and tinted it using red and yellow icing colors from Wilton to make the sauce color. Once the cake was cool, I dug out a thin layer of cake from the center leaving the edge in tack to make it look like a deep dish pizza crust. I spread the frosting on the top of the cake, leaving the edges clear for the effect of crust.

I placed in my oven on broil for 2-3 minutes for the frosting to melt a bit to look more like pizza sauce. Then I grated white chocolate on top to look like cheese. For green peppers I took chocolate clay and colored it green, rolled it out and cut out in the shape of green peppers – I let these stand overnight to let them harden so they didn’t lose shape.

For pepperoni, I took raspberry fruit leathers and cut out circles. For the mushrooms, I sliced marshmallows (using only the end pieces), then cut two small slices, pulling on the middle section that I made with the slices. Allow these to stand overnight as well so they are not so sticky and shrivel a little to look more mushroom like. I grated a bit more white chocolate on top for cheese, and I was finished!!!

Chocolate Clay: 1 lb candy coating (Wilton) and 1/3 c corn syrup. Mix together (I add color at this stage), place in fridge to harden. It will be hard to handle out of the fridge, but keep kneading with hand until pliable. Then roll out and cut into shape.

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