Elmo and Friends Cupcakes

I made Elmo’s head out of cupcakes. I figured since his head is mostly round it wouldn’t be to hard to do.

I used just one regular devils food cake mix and did Elmo cupcake holders. I colored white vanillas frosting out of the tub, I believe it was Duncan Hines. I colored it red, orange and black and left white for the eyes. I did refrigerate the cupcakes for easier frosting,and used the frosting at room temp.

I just kind of smooshed the cupcakes into a shape that looked like Elmo, and started frosting. The eyes I frosted white and did black circles of frosting on them for pupils. I did the nose orange, and then I drew a big black frosting smile with cake decorating tip, then filled it in. I think it turned out OK and my son loved it. And cupcakes were perfect for him and all his 2 year old friends!

I got the idea for Elmo’s friends from someone else on this site. I used smarties for the eyes, peanut M&M’s for some noses and skittles for others.

5 thoughts on “Elmo and Friends Cupcakes”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m planning on doing a Sesame St. theme for my son’s 2nd birthday and have been looking for ideas for the cake. I love this! And it doesn’t look too hard, which is always a plus in my book!

  2. i just love what yu did yu gaVe me a good idea to make for ma baby girl first birthday. i love elmo so much and i know my baby girl will to pos i love the elmo and his friend cake


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