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Cool Peter Griffin Cake

Coolest Peter Griffin Birthday Cake

I made this Peter Griffin birthday cake for my son Tom’s birthday, he’s a big fan of Family Guy so I thought I would make this for him. The internet was a huge help, it gave me several different pictures to choose from so after a while of searching for the right one. I chose this one. It’s pretty simple, just baked two-nine inch round cakes, let them cool and gathered all of the supplies that I would need while they were cooling.

I put a layer of butter cream icing between the two cakes then put one on top of the other, dirty iced them so they could be covered with the skin toned fondant that I made from marshmallows and tinted with the gels. Read more about this Peter Griffin cake…

Stewie Cake

Coolest Family Guy Cake

I was asked to make a Family Guy cake for my friend’s granddaughter who is 7. I made three 7″round cakes. Then, I sandwiched two together using buttercream and jam and then cut a third off the cake. This was to be the back of the sofa. I cut the last cake in half and sandwiched this together using jam and buttercream. This was also to be the seat of the sofa. I then covered the whole cake in buttercream and chilled it in the freezer. Read more about this Stewie cake…