Cool Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake With Flowers

My daughter wanted a Summer theme Luau type party. So I made her this Flip Flop Birthday Cake.

I traced a pair of my flip flops on construction paper and cut them out on a 9×13 cooled cake (I cut the cake dome off for a flat surface). Make sure you have a right and left before frosting. I made that mistake of forgetting to flip one!

Then I added a crumb coat of frosting and put it in the freezer for 30 mins. This helps seal the crumbs so you have a clean final layer of frosting. I then added the 1/4 inch of frosting, you can use two different colors. If you do that, frosting the base of the flip flop first.

I piped a border on where the two colors met and then again on the base. I used Fruit Roll-Ups for the straps, folded a 1/4 for stability, Silk flowers between the straps ( my daughter choose the flower and we based colors on that),and Sprees for the decorations on the sides.

I also made 24 cupcakes to go along with the cake. If you have enough silk flowers it would be cute to put one on each cupcake or a piped on flip flop!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Flip Flop Birthday Cake With Flowers”

  1. I’m thinking about having a theme birthday like that but I’m not that creative. What could I do for a Hawaiian theme birthday

  2. It really isn’t that hard and you don’t have to be creative. Just cut it out and frosting you can decorate the way you choose to. It’s really simple…GOOD LUCK!


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