Flip Flop Cake

For this giant flip flop cake, I started with two boxes of regular yellow cake mix. I then baked two different cakes, each with their own rectangle pan. I then stacked the two cakes on top of each other, making sure that I added whipped white icing between the two cakes.

After stacking, I started to carve out the type of over-sized flip flop that I wanted to work with. I then added the colors of the main part of the flip flop that I felt would be appropriate (hot pink of course). I followed up with two strips of fondant, for the straps of the flip flop, that I also added a bright color to.

Next, I drew on bright cheerful flowers, using just a small round tip, to go with the whole summer flip flop theme. One of the last things that I did was smear more icing around the cake and added glitter sprinkles for looks.

This was one of my favorite cakes to work on.

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