Coolest Bear Cakes and Free Cake Designs

Take a look at the coolest Bear cake photos. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Kimberly R., Falkville, AL

Coolest Bear Cakes and Free Cake Designs

This was a Christmas bear cake that I took to church for our Christmas Treat night. I used a 3- D bear cake pan. I covered the bear with buttercream white icing with a star tip. I used green and red around one ear to look like a hat. Then I used a star tip to make the scarf. I then piped in the eyes, nose and mouth. I then just added a little Christmas foliage on the side for the hat for a little extra.

Thanks for the free cake designs on this wonderful site. I always get great ideas for cakes here!

Cake by Debbie V., West Point, NY

Free cake designs for a Bear Cake

I made this creation using a stand-up 3D bear pan, a 12″ heart pan and my imagination. Using white homemade buttercream icing and Wilton tip 233 I made the bear’s fur. Using homemade chocolate buttercream icing I iced the heart smooth then used tip 46 for the basket weave and tip 21 for the border.

I made the two roses and the sign using chocolate fondant. After the cakes were decorated and assembled I put strawberries and blueberries around the bear. It was a huge hit at my daughter’s school picnic!

Thanks to this website for free cake designs. I found enough cakes to let my imagination run!

P.S. In order to make a firmer cake that’s still yummy I mixed pound cake batter with regular yellow cake batter.

Cake by Gloria A., Burleson, TX

Free cake designs for a Bear Cake

We watched Big Bear videos with my grandson Michael every time he was at our house. So I knew Big Bear would be his birthday cake for his second birthday. I just watched the videos to get free cake designs.

It was an 11” x 17” cake pan and it takes 2 cake mixes for this size pan. I prefer Duncan Hines cake mixes and always set the oven temperature at 315 degrees so that the cake center will rise flat and even with the sides. I also put wax paper back into the original pan and cover very well and freeze the cakes. They are easier to ice if frozen.

I found a picture of Big Bear and traced it onto wax or parchment paper and transferred it onto the iced cake. Using a tube that is normally used for making grass, I completely covered the Big Bear. I added the details with thinned icing in the colors using round tips and added the writing.

The top and bottom borders are a shell border with an open star tip. I put #3 round tip yellow dots in between on the top border and a #104 tip in between the shells on the bottom border. Michael loved the Big Bear!

Thanks for all the great free cake designs on this site!

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