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100+ Coolest DIY Cat Birthday Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Cat birthday cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

Latest Cat Birthday Cake Ideas

Gross Kitty Litter Cake

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake Photos

I used a chocolate cake crumbled into fist size pieces for this kitty litter cake and put into a new clean litter pan. Buttercream frosting tinted gray with a little chocolate. Nilla wafers crumbled on top like litter. Tootsie rolls melted in microwave for just a few seconds form rolls to appear as polo. Add new clean litter scoop to serve cake with. Read more »

Pink Cat Birthday Cake

Cat Birthday Cake

This cat birthday cake is an orange chocolate cake following the black Halloween cat instructions – just like the cake below…

The cake recipe is a modification from Joy of cooking, vegan chocolate cake replacing the cup of water with a cup of orange juice and adding one tablespoon of grated orange zest. Cream cheese icing, don’t let the ‘vegan’ fool you, this is the most delicious recipe / combination you will taste. The eyes nose and heart pendant are butter cookie with colored lemon icing.

Sweet 2D Cat Birthday Cake

Cake by Sarah L., Franklin, TN

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

My four year-old daughter said she wanted a pink cat birthday cake for her birthday so I came to this site for inspiration. I found a link to a recipe for Halloween Black Cat Cake on the Betty Crocker website which includes an easy template for cutting and assembling the cake from two round cake layers.

I used a chocolate cake mix and made a white chocolate buttercream frosting which I tinted slightly pink with red food coloring. The eyes are Jordan Almonds with a dab of black icing gel. (I wanted them to be white or green eyes but my daughter insisted on pink.) I used black and purple icing gel for all other details on the cat. This was very easy and fun to make!

Pink and Purrr-fect Homemade Cake

Cake by Jessica B., Reno, NV

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

I found a picture online of a cat birthday cake that I liked and my daughter loved it. There were no directions on how to make it so I improvised. I made two round cakes and layered them with a filling and dyed the frosting to match. For the 3-D effect I made an extra cake and froze it.

I cut the ears and the face pieces out of that while it was still frozen and secured it with icing. Then, I used red licorice for the whiskers and junior mints for the eyes. I bought food coloring especially for frosting in order to get the colors right.

Adorable Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Cake by Emma D., Melbourne, Australia

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

I made this cat birthday cake for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday. I found the idea for the main cake at this great site and purchased the Wilton Animal Crackers tin. When I finished I thought my ‘cat’ would look great with some ‘kittens’! (Little did I know that it would take twice as long to make the cupcakes as they were very fiddly?)

I made all the cakes from scratch and iced them with a homemade butter cream icing. I was pretty happy with the results (second novelty cake I have every made) and was later told that it was a great idea as all the guests at the party took a ‘kitten’ home and the birthday girl got to keep her ‘cat’ (not chopped up).

Cool Carved Calico Cat Cake

Cake by Mary B., Nashville, TN

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

This is a cat birthday cake that I found in a Betty Crocker cake book. It’s really easy just a bit time consuming.

You make a couple of round cake pans and cut them to make the parts of cat and glue them together with icing. I used homemade butter cream and mixed it to the colors of my choice.

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

Eight pounds of confectioner’s sugar later and a numb hand later I was done. In order to finish it off, I used jelly beans for the eyes and Twizzlers for the bow.

Awesome 3D Birthday Cake

Cake by Amy R., Shreveport, LA

Cat Birthday Cake Picture

Let me introduce you to Trix. She is a cartoon character that my daughter Ally created herself. Trix is a ball shaped creature (called a BIP (Beautiful Intelligent Pet) with some characteristics of a cat (but is NOT a cat). Ally has drawn many comic strips with Trix and other characters she’s created but Trix has always been her favorite.

So for her 14th birthday I decide to try my hand at 3D Trix (the cake is similar to a cat birthday cake). I used the 3D ball cake pan for the body and two mini balls for her feet (with about 1/3 cut from each mini ball). I placed them on a sheet cake iced smooth (of course). The hardest part for me was getting the face right (which of course I didn’t get exactly right only Ally can do that!!) Needless to say she was VERY surprised to see her creation in cake form! She still talks about that cake to this day!! And she still draws Trix comics! (She’s hoping to one day be a cartoonist/animator.