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My Granddaughter’s Graduation Cake

I made this graduation cake for my granddaughter when she graduated from high school. She is a very fun loving young lady and she  wanted something different than everyone else’s grad cake .

I did a lot of searching, trying to find what I thought would fit her personality and then I found a picture of this graduation girl. It reminded me of my granddaughter, so I printed out the picture and then turned it over and traced it . I then put the picture on a piece of cardboard and covered it with wax paper. Next, I took my bag of black icing and outlined the picture. After I did that I filled it in with the different colored icing and used a small paint brush to smooth the icing . Then, I added a layer of white icing on the back to make it thicker so it wouldn’t crack after it hardened in the freezer. This is called the frozen transfer method . I did this the day before I made the cake.

The day my granddaughter graduated she looked at me and said, “I did it!” To some this might not be such a big deal, but to her it was. You see, she had an accident four years ago resulting in a severe head injury. She went from a perfectly healthy girl to one that has had many seizures over the last four years. She’s had so many obstacles to overcome but she did it.  So I thought that is what I would put on her cake.

The best part of making this cake was the look on her face when she saw it. She loved it. Even though I know it’s far from perfect just knowing that she loved it made me feel so happy. My granddaughter starts college in a few days and I’m one proud grandma!

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