Harley Cake for a Celebration of Life

I was asked to do this Harley cake for a celebration of Life for a Harley lover. I was given a picture of the bike and asked to replicate it. Sure of course I can. Looked easier than it was to do. We (my husband and I) started a week ahead of time. We had to  plan out the frame and what materials we needed. Let me tell you it was a learning experience, The first time we put the frame together I looked at and said I think a toddler can actually ride this thing. So we had to down scale it.

After about 3 tries I think we got it.  The cake still ended up being 4 ft. Long WOW! I put together all the pipes and wheels and details ahead of time, which wasn’t easy. Then the day came to start putting the actual cake together. The whole body of the motorcycle is cake, and the handle bars were made of rice crispies. I felt like I was  piecing a puzzle, which I hadn’t done in a long time obviously. This took a while but I got it done. Had to crumb coat it before I could put the fondant on the cake. Once all of this was done, it was time to put the handle bars on. Please be stable is all I could think. Once on and all assembled hours later, it was finally done. Wheww! It was definitely a challenge and don’t know if I ever would want to do one again but to see the look on his wife’s face when I delivered it to the party, was worth it all.

She had no idea it was a surprise for her, she was overwhelmed and so pleased with how much it looked just like his bike. Not too mention she was amazed that it was made of cake. This is why I love doing these types of cakes even thought they are challenging, to see the people’s reactions.

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