Homemade Flower Cake

This pretty flower cake was made for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I hired a large flower shaped tin and used 3 packets of Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix to get a lovely high cake. Extra cook time was needed accordingly.

I iced the cake with homemade butter cream icing, tinted in pink and yellow colours. To get the detailing I used a piping bag. It started off plain and got more and more detailed until I ran out of room!

Mini marshmallows were added for detail and coloured sprinkles (which we call 100’s and 1000’s) were added on top of the cake in the centre of the petals. A single wired butterfly was then added.

This cake was lovely and moist and was the perfect size for 60 people. We had one small piece left at the end of the party..which I sent home with Nana.

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