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Homemade Mario and Luigi Cake

I made this cake for my grandson’s fifth birthday. His favorite game to play is of course, Mario. The cake is 98% edible. The only thing that is not edible are the two pipes, they are actual pipes I bought and covered in fondant.

The cake consists of three lower cakes (using two sheet cakes and cutting them to different sizes and adding height in areas. The varying in height to show different heights like there are in the game. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, the star, mushroom, gumba… (etc) are all made out of rice crispy treats then a crumb coat of buttercream icing was given before being covered in fondant. All the cakes were also crumb coated… and either decorated with buttercream icing or fondant. 2-two layered square cake pans were used (for the different levels in the middle placed ontop of the sheet cake.) The ‘string’ looking stuff, was a vine kind of decoration I made – to just have fun, I made it by running it thru my pasta machine.. and placed leaves on areas, to go with the venus fly trap. (The candles were red, they produced the red flame of fire to represent the fire balls it shoots out) I made blown sugar balls because the picture I printed of Yoshi, had bubbles around him… I had never made these before, but watched a video on youtube and worked with what I had in order to make them. The ‘water’ dripping out of the pipes, was made from fondant also.

I know it’s hard to see by the photo, but this cake was over three feet long.. and it stopped my grandson in his tracks! He was speechless when he came around the corner and set his eyes upon it! I don’t think he knew if he should eat it or play with it! lol It definitely was worth all the time and work just to see his face light up!

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