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Homemade Punk Teddy Bear Valentine

My boyfriend’s in a punk band and we both have a punk style. I figured what better way to decorate a valentine cake than a punk teddy bear.

I used the full size 3d teddy bear mold by wilton to bake it.

To decorate I used chocolate frosting, black frosting, white icing, peel twizzlers, and then I found a cute sign for him to hold at a craft store.

First cover the bear with the chocolate and black frosting separating the bear and leather jacket. I then added details like the mouth and nose using a thin tip. Then I added white icing for detail in the ears, eyes, and on the jacket. I peeled the twizzlers for the tongue and Mohawk I found three peels together stay up best without looking too thick. I added this to the Mohawk until I liked the way it looked.

It’s a cute simple valentine’s cake with a creative flair. :)