I just opened my own little business in my home last year. I told my son that this year he could go all out and pick any kind of cake that he wanted to! He was soo excited that he could not choose. He finally decided that he wanted a Super Mario and a Jake and The Neverland Pirate cake  but  still could not pick between the two of those, so I made them both !! (lolo).

I was very pleased how both of them turned out but I was most happy with the pirate cake (so was he). I really enjoyed working on this one it seemed to come all natural to me because everything went as I visioned it in my head ! I have a wonderful husband that supports me 100% and likes to help me once in a while . Well this one he had hands on also! I thought this cake was a family project that we all had part of . Behr (my son) helped put the characters on and the flowers and my husband helped  make a few other details.

Overall what a great cake and experience that we all shared with this cake and hope you enjoy the looks as much as we all did!