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Jets Hockey Birthday Cake

A boy that I have been looking after in my home day care since he was one wanted a Jets birthday cake. He really loves the Jets. He cashed in big at Christmas time with all kinds of Jets merchandise. So for his 6th birthday his Mom asked if I could make a Jets cake for him. I was up for the challenge. I went online to find a coloring picture that would work to decorate on a cake. I enlarged the picture to the size I needed and was ready to go.

I made 2 boxes of the confetti cake mix, poured one half of the mix into a 9×13 cake pan and the other half of the mix into an 8” round cake pan. Once baked put the cakes into the freezer for about 4 hours. I then iced the 9×13 in white butter cream icing and placed the round cake on top and iced it too in white butter cream icing. Cut out the template, placed it on the round cake and traced it out with a toothpick. I outlined the picture in black butter cream icing using a #4 tip. Used a #16 star tip filled in all the appropriated spots with the appropriate colors. I used #4 tip to edge the round cake. Using #2 tip to edge the top of the 9×13 cake in red. Used # 18 star tip to edge the bottom of the 9×13. Used # 2 tip for the writing. The hardest part for me on any cake is the writing. Trying to get it positioned to where I want it and it never does.

I started to decorate the cake at 8:30 at night once all 4 of kids were in bed and finished at about 1:00 in the morning. That is with a few interruptions during that time. My kid’s reaction was, wow, Mom, you did a great job. I want a Jets cake for my birthday now. The boy whose cake it was for was speechless and his eyes were bulging when he saw the finished product. His Mom thought it was awesome, she loved it. When dropped off my daughter at the birthday party the Dad was telling me that another parent saw the cake wanting to know where they got it and he replied it was custom made, a one of a kind for his boy.

I am just glad the cake turned out the way I envisioned it.

Jets Hockey Birthday Cake

Jets Hockey Birthday Cake

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