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Cake by Megan E., Sugar Run, PA

Cool Homemade Ladybug Cake Photos and How-To Tips

Before I found this website I just couldn’t figure out how to make a ladybug cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I just came up with this idea. I used batter bowls to bake the cakes in and then just decorated them with colored icing. I used slices of large black gumdrops for the eyes. It works out great because you can give the little cake to the birthday girl!

After I made them for my daughter a picture got out and I was asked to make a pink set of a butterfly cake for another little girl’s birthday. I found it much easier the second time around. Decorating with icing tips is much easier than decorating with a butter knife!

Cake by Catrina L., Byron, GA

Ladybug Cake Photo

I used the dome cake pan by Wiltons to make the ladybugs. This was simple; however I had to take a section out of the center to make them the right height. I used the Wilton recipe for the icing and decorated the ladybug cake from there.

The grass tip helps cover up some icing mistakes! I looked at the website and put all my favorite ideas together. Everyone loved the cake!

Cake by Kristi K., Dundas, ON

Ladybug Cake Photo

The paper plates and napkins that I bought for my daughter’s first birthday had butterflies, flowers and a lady bug on them but they were in pastel green pink and purple colors. I decided to do a pink ladybug cake instead of red first of all so it would match and it was much cuter for a little girl. Red icing doesn’t always taste so good either.

I baked the base cake in a large Wiltons circular pan. The lady bug portion was baked in a Pyrex glass bowl and the lady bug’s head was baked in a smaller metal mixing bowl that I had. I use a very simple recipe for icing: icing sugar, butter, milk and vanilla. It tastes great. I smoothed some pink icing on the flat round cake where the lady bug was going to sit and placed the bowl cakes upside down on top. I cut the head piece a bit to fit it to the body better. Then I smoothed pink icing over the lady bug. Just wetting your finger and smoothing it over the icing makes a really smooth appearance.

I piped the green icing on using a star tip to create the grass and finally used a small round icing tip for the white details and writing. I “swirled” the dots on the lady bug for a little more fun look. I had a tube of Wilton black icing for the dots on the eyes but you could use chocolate chips or something. Everyone thought this ladybug cake was adorable!

Cake by Jessica M., New Braunfels, TX

Ladybug Cake Photo

I love this website! I enjoy looking at other’s ideas and then combining for something unique. I made this Ladybug cake for my neighbor’s birthday by cooking a box chocolate cake mix in a 9×13 pan for the “ground” and half of the Wilton ball pan for the “bug.”

I iced the 9×13 with buttercream icing and piped green icing for grass along the sides with the Wilton grass tip. I used green icing dye to color some flaked coconut for the grass. The butterflies were made with candy molds. I used rose colored buttercream icing and the large round Wilton tip for the ladybug’s body. The cake was quite a hit!

Cake by Kim S., Fresno, CA

Ladybug Cake Photo

I baked a sheet cake for the base cake and a dome shaped pan cake for the ladybug cake body. I used a small metal bowl to bake a cake for her head. I frosted the base green and added grass and flowers. I made the flowers ahead of time out of royal icing.

I frosted the body red and the head black. I made some antennas out of black pipe cleaners and wooden beads painted black. The body got some black spots and a line down her back and then a cute face!

Cake by Amy R., Jacksonville, FL

Ladybug Cake Photo

My daughter loves bugs and lizards and likes to try to catch them. One day while in the back yard we found a lady bug. With her second birthday just a couple of months away I decided to do a garden party theme and make a lady bug cake.

I used a Wilton lady bug cake pan and a Wilton 11X15 sheet pan. I followed the instructions on the lady bug pan; the only change I made was to the eye color. I changed it from black to blue. On the sheet cake I used a bigger star tip #21 to do the grass, sky and sun.

I decorated our house with lady bugs everywhere and my daughter even wore a lady bug dress. The cake was a huge hit and a lot of fun to make!

Cake by Nicole G., Reading, PA

Ladybug Cake Photo

For my mom’s birthday I try to make unique cakes. I came up with this ladybug cake after looking online. I made two cakes. One for the base and the other was cut in half and placed on top of the iced base. I then put the red icing on top and used junior mints to make the dots. The hardest part was getting the wings to stay on the body!

Cake by Judy D., Kansas City, KS

Ladybug Cake Photo

To make the ladybug cake we used two round cake pans approx 9in for the body and 5in for the head. We cut an oval section out of the head to fit to the body.

For the frosting we used a basic buttercream recipe we found on the internet. To dye the red we used Wilton “NO TASTE” red and for the black we bought a tube of pre-made frosting. The red turns a deeper color overnight (or after several hours.) Several years back I took an entry level cake decorating class where I learned some basic decorating tips like making the little dots using a soft touch professional decorating bag with tips.

The rest of the ladybug cake is pretty self-explanatory from the pictures. We tossed some fresh mint leaves from our garden for a little flair. My granddaughter was two and decked out entirely in ladybugs; outfit, hair bows, bracelet and socks.

Cake by Alesha G., Bel Alton, MD

Ladybug Cake Photo

I made this ladybug cake to match a larger caterpillar cake. The ladybug was the individual cake for my daughters first birthday; the caterpillar was for everyone else.

For the ladybug I used the Wilton ball pan for the body and a cupcake for the head. I did a trial run and tried to make it red and black. It came out okay but I learned that red and black are the two hardest colors of icing to make. So for the actual party I went with a not so traditional ladybug.

Cake by Julie M., Wake Forest, NC

Ladybug Cake Photo

My daughter was turning four and loves ladybugs. To make this ladybug cake I used a soccer ball cake pan and frosted it heavily with butter cream, fill in all the grooves as well. I then covered it with red fondant I dyed with Wilton’s coloring.

I used black fondant to form the head and used a circle cookie cutter to cut the fondant for the spots. I made a batch of cupcakes and cut flowers out of fondant to decorate. This cake ended up being pretty easy to make.

Cake by Alison C., Huntington Station, NY

Ladybug Cake Photo

I used this website to help me get ideas for making a great ladybug cake. I used the soccer ball cake pan for the body. For the head I used the mini doll (body) cake pan. This makes a bell shaped cake. One mini doll cake pan makes four cakes. This was helpful when cutting the head because I knew if I made a mistake I would be have a second (third or fourth) chance to fix it.

I cut off the bottom half of the bell shaped cake, then I took the top half and cut away an arch so the head would fit against the body. I used a little icing to hold the head in place. I was afraid to use toothpicks. I used red and black icing and the tri-star tip to ice the cake.

Cake by Lisa T., Waterford, CT

Ladybug Cake Photo

This ladybug cake was for Emily’s 6th birthday. I covered a cake with white frosting, first a crumb coat and then a final coat. I then added a half of a ball cake for the ladybug and a cup cake for the head. That was covered in red frosting and the black dots were puffy frosting. The antennae were black licorice with a dot of frosting on the tip! Everyone who SPOTTED the cake just loved it!