Coolest Polka Dots Gift Cake

I made this polka dots gift cake for my good friend Nikki for her birthday. I was in creative gear and we were all going out for dinner. Though I’ve really  never heard of the cake flavor before- I made it a Neapolitan cake. It was strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate all swirled together. It tasted amazing!

I made the ribbon/bow the night before so that it would hold up. To make the bow and retain the round look- I used a marshmallow to wrap around it. They held up quite nicely. This was one of my first cakes and I only took one picture of it.

The funny part about this story was that there was a wedding reception being held that evening. A waitress came over and said “oh my gosh! That cake is beautiful.. you should see the wedding cake in the other room- it’s horrible!”  Well my friends thought it was too pretty to eat so we put off cutting it until the very end of the evening. The married couple walked by on the way to the bathroom and asked if we could take the tag off and exchange! I laughed and said NO!!! That cake was made with love for my friend!

We finally cut into it- everyone loved it. She took the leftovers home and shared with her entire family. Now, whenever they need a cake they call and beg me to do it (I don’t  “do” cakes… I just think it’s fun!)

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