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Mexico-licious Halloween Birthday Cake!

My Zumba friend Tere has a birthday on Halloween, so every year I have to make a her a spooky birthday cake. She is from Mexico so this year I decided I would make it FUEGO! My Mexico~licious, Zumba~licious, spooktacular birthday cake creation for my Terre~Beary! VIVA!!  ♥ 

Tere’s cake is three tiers. I always insert a drinking straw down the center of the cake to make it secure and safe so it doesn’t slip or slide. Cut it to the height of the cake. This cake I put a corn husk flamenco dancer on top. I used a chop stick to stand her on top. Just inserted the chop stick and then placed the corn husk doll on top of that. I made lots of little Mexican flags, signs and sayings by Googling Mexico on the computer and printed out on glossy paper using power point. Cut them out and hot glued to toothpicks and inserted into cake to decorate.

Since she is a huge fan of Zumba I also printed out the creator and main dancers image and inserted that on a toothpick too so she had them attend her birthday as well. She loved her cake and everybody fought over who got to keep the Flamenco corn husk doll. I had found her at a garage sale.  

I added mini marshmallows to the base of the cake and placed some foil covered eyeballs to give it some spooky Halloween flavor. 


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