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Birthday Bon Voyage Zumba Party Cake

My friend Miggy is a Zumba Dance fitness instructor so when he went on a cruise for his birthday we had a big birthday Zumba party for him. I made him his perfect class, with all his friends and students!

The cake was three layers: bottom layer banana nut with chocolate frosting, 2nd layer was Rainbow Chip (my ultimate fav) with Rainbow Chip frosting, and the 3rd was the stage, which  was Carrot Cake covered in chocolate.  Most dance fitness instructors stand or dance on a stage so the rest of the class can see them. I cut the stage the size I wanted.

Then I made the birthday banner on the computer and printed it out on glossy paper. I hot glued each end to plastic drinking straws cut to the size I needed. Insert into cake. Then I took photos from my FB page and cut around each one and hot glued to toothpicks. I inserted them around the cake to look like a Zumba dance party. I also used frosting to glue M&M’s to toothpicks and stuck in back of stage like balloons. I bound the balloons together with little pieces cut of stove pipe cleaners.

Last touch was Rainbow Sprinkles to give it festive party like atmosphere! This will make any cake sparkle!

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